Kerio Valley Community Organisation



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Sustainable development of oil resources
We seek to ensure that Oil resources in Kerio Valley are developed in a sustainable manner where negative environmental and social impacts are adequately mitigated
We seek an all inclusive process and particularly the enforcement of the free prior and informed consent concept to ensure that the community is aware of what is happening, what will happen and what will not happen to facilitate the making of informed choices

We seek to ensure that community benefits availed are at par with international best practice and that such benefits are documented in legally enforceable community benefit agreements

Innovative Community Benefit Alternatives
We seek to establish innovative and ground breaking community benefit alternatives other than the common community agreements bandied around which have been found to leave communities worse off than the way they were before

Upholding of Indigenous Rights
We will provide a check and remedy mechanism of all cases of abuse of human rights as enshrined in the constitution of Kenya (2010), the United Nations Charter on the Rights of Indigenous people and the United Nations guiding principles on business and Human rights

Anti Land Grabbing
In 1983, the most arable, most fertile land in Kerio Valley was declared and Gazetted by the Government of Kenya as a Wildlife Game Reserve and consequently, thousands of people who had derived their livelihoods since time immemorial in the gazette area were rendered landless. We seek to ensure that the wrongs of 1983 are righted and the Government compensates all those who were affected by such ill informed decisions.

Toxic waste disposal
In the 1980’s - 2000, A company engaged in extractives dumped toxic waste from processed minerals into Kerio River. For over 20 years, the community had to dig wells and boreholes in order to drink water yet River Kerio was overflowing. This was because the water from the river had been rendered unfit for human and livestock consumption. Cattle which drank the water would abort their unborn calves and occasion great losses to herdsmen. We will seek to right this wrong and bring it to closure.